Tanki Online is a free online action game that is presented to you in full 3D. There are plenty of free online shooting games but Tanki has gone well beyond the competition and produced stylish, lasting gameplay that has continued to win awards since its original release all the way back in The Russians in particular seem to absolutely love this game, and even among its peers in the tank shooting genre, Tanki stands out as the superior title.

Best of all, the game is absolutely free and accessible straight from your browser with no download whatsoever. How many online tank games can give you that? Tanki Online features stunning 3D gameplay that over-shadows any other flash game to date. There is so much detail to find in such a simple game that you might find yourself getting a bit distracted from the action. Many fans of arcade shooting games, or shooters in general, will be familiar with these common game modes and quickly pick up how to play.

The only difference here is that you are playing as a speedy, battle hardened tank. Zip around the maps and opportunistically pick off opponents to gain points. The Tanki maps themselves generally consist of loads of low barriers that one can see over, but still hide behind when trying to avoid fire. The maps are small and tight, and can easily be traversed in a matter of seconds if one is plowing full speed ahead. Best of all, there are several dozen unique maps to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting!

Try the sniper turret if you'd like to stay out of the fray. Tanki classes are what makes this game so much fun to experiment with. Where other arcade shooting games rely on finding and camping out on special weapon spawnsTanki is all about putting you into the action and letting your skills do the talking.

Each class has unique advantages and disadvantages, and like any good, skill based game, winning is entirely dependent on how the player uses what is given to them. Proper customization of tanks is crucial for securing victories in Tanki Online. A huge part of this game is mixing and matching a wide variety of turrets, hulls, drone and modules. Finding the combination that works best for you might take time, but experimentation is half the fun. If you need help there are plenty of in depth guides on how to build starter tanks built right into the game!

The best hints and tips for Tanki Online include employing the deadly, shark-like circling technique that you will see many players use. Since spinning your turret at great speed is very difficult, one of the most popular blitzkrieg techniques is to charge an enemy tank, get up next to them, and circle around them, just out of reach of their rotating turret.

All the while you can hit your foe with a steady barrage of fire. Another very important tip for arcade shooters in general is to constantly stay on the move. Tanki is no exception to this rule. The second you stop moving you become a very easy target for snipers to pick on, or even regular tanks to land a series of hits on. Staying alive means become a master of the hit-and-run. You need keep moving, even while you fire, to avoid catching glancing shots from foes.

The small barriers and natural cliff formations that were mentioned earlier should be used to a players advantage. To make the most of the environment, one should maneuver around the barriers providing cover for themselves and trying to create an advantage on enemies. Try circling around when you find yourself out maneuvered, or bursting our from behind cover whenever you have the chance to pounce on two opponents who are already locked in battle with each other.

Every match of Tanki consists of dozens of instances in which two or more opponents find themselves locked in a battle that forces them to circle around each other with limited mobility. If you happen to spy one of these confrontations, try to pick off as many participants as possible before they notice your presence and turn on you like a hungry pack of wolves.The game servers work around the clock.

Downtime is sometimes lengthened if major maintenance is required. There are multiple methods to enter the game. You can use any that you prefer. These alternative methods can be found below. The following is one of the most common and easiest methods, entering Tanki straight from your browser. You can use the following direct link to access the servers from your browser. If you end up using the HTML5 online version of Tanki and want to revert to using Flash, or for whatever reason you wish to use Flash, use the following link.

Note : HTML5 is still a relatively new technology.

Tanki Online

Not all browsers support it, thus if you experience errors try using another browser or updating your existing one. All you need is a browser to play - no downloads or anything.

There may be more lag on a browser compared to the client or Standalone Flash player. There are three ways to get into private battles using Standalone Flash Player :.

Unfortunately, joining a specific battle by clicking a link to it isn't possible on the Standalone Flash Player. However, you may send a private message containing the link to yourself in chat and join the battle that way. If you use Windows it is possible to create separate shortcuts to make the Flash Player automatically go to the necessary server. Check to ensure that you meet the System Requirements. The client is usually faster than the other methods of entering the game. Battle links may become a hassle as the client has no address bar to enter battle links.

The easiest way to get around this to send yourself a private message in the chat with the link to join. You can send yourself a private message by typing Your nickname: followed by the link. Issues tend to be more common in the client than in other methods of entering the game, such as a browser. TO Mobile is available to download for free in the Google Play store an app that comes with all Android smartphones.

Simply go to the Play Store and search for "Tanki Online", press "Install", and then follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you can use the link below which will take you directly to the Play Store. TO Mobile has many unique features. Some of them are good and positive, such as the free items and special events, while others are not so good, such as the battle list which isn't available.

Below is a list of the most major positive and negative features of the app. The developers are actively working towards adding as many "missing" features as possible and overall improving TO Mobile. This method of entering an account is only possible for users who have an existing Facebook account. If you link your account using the Settings menu, you won't need to enter your password; everything will be done straight away!

After that, if you haven't logged into Facebook, the following window will appear:. After entering the desired nickname, you'll be loaded straight to the Lobby as the rank of Recruit.

From that moment, you will be able to enter the game by simply clicking on the Facebook icon.Download Tanki Online - new Arcade game with 2. Please, note, Tanki Online weights You should know that our website provides only quality APK files that can be downloaded with the fastest speed from our servers.

This application available in 2. For huge fans of Tanki Online we also provide modified APK file that can improve its different features. To download it you need to press red button on the application page. With the help of Android emulators, you also can use this app on other devices. Home Games Arcade Tanki Online. Tanki Online. Last version: 2. Download now free. The description Download Tanki Online - new Arcade game with 2.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Privacy policy.All of the information listed below can also be found in the Patch Notes section and the News Archive section. There he can meet tankers of Recruit, Private and Gefreiter rank.

Personal tools. Tanki Online Game site Fight! Navigation Recent changes Random page. Check out the latest changes! Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Jump to: navigationsearch. April 10 Update List of changes: Paints were removed from the Shop. Fixed translations for the interface when creating groups.

Fixed the bug with the wrong info displaying in the battle invite window. Fixed text layout of the window notifying about insufficient crystals for some locales. Fixed text wrapping issues in chats. Fixed names of format battles in the battle list.

Fixed the warning window about opening an external link. Fixed some other texts. Fixed layout problems in the Firefox browser. Fixed how 4 digits are displayed in team score. Battle names are no longer case-sensitive. Changed background color of message when writing to a player. Fixed auto scroll when switching channels. Fixed context menu in the list of invites. Fixed displaying clan tags in chat. Changed order of context menu. March 20 Update List of changes: Changed the formula used for calculating damage when a player has many multipliers enabled.Shop tankionline.

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Tanki Online HTML5 is coming soon

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tanki online html5

After receiving worent 3 you will be able to transfer crystals to other accounts. Also you will can get some weapons for free. Try it it's very cool. Emails will be sent in 2 work days. These cool items will be in promo codes:.In other words, how many times per second the picture from the game is refreshed. The higher your FPS, the better and smoother your gaming experience.

Some players think that FPS depends on internet connection speed or server workload. Many modern laptops have two graphics cards inside — integrated and discrete.

By default, graphic effects are processed on the low-productive integrated graphics core. Therefore, changing your default graphics card may increase your FPS. Important: You need to fully restart your browser after these changes. To do this properly, close all tabs and windows, open your Task Manager, and make sure that all browser processes are terminated.

tanki online html5

If any of them are still active, terminate them manually through the Task Manager. Launch Catalyst Control Center. Right click on your desktop and choose one of these options in the menu:. NOTE: Before following this guide ensure your browser and drivers are updated to the latest version! Many players are reporting extremely low frame rates and high ping with the new HTML5 version of the game, this could be due to many reasons.

First you need to check if you have HWA on or off. If you see all these options saying ' Hardware accelerated ' in Green as this image shows then you already have HWA enabled and your low performance is caused by something else.

Promo Code Tanki Online

Enable the option and relaunch your browser, you should now see 'Hardware accelerated' on the GPU page and experience much better performance. Tanki Online. You can see your current FPS in the right upper corner of the screen Some players think that FPS depends on internet connection speed or server workload. How do I raise my FPS? General guidelines First of all, check your settings. Make sure that all graphic effects are disabled. Update your browser to the latest available version.

Close all browser tabs except the one with the game. Close all other programs to release some system resources. Try rebooting your PC. A new window should show up. Click on the Display tab. Graphics Card Settings Laptop with 2 graphics cards Many modern laptops have two graphics cards inside — integrated and discrete. Right click on your desktop and choose one of these options in the menu: 2. More commonly, you have Hardware acceleration disabled in your browser.Read the full details here.

Have you tried it yet? If not, you can check it out right here! Your browser must also support WebGL2. You can check whether your browser supports WebGL2 here. There are so many changes in the game interface that some people thought it was a brand new game! But no. You can also see your Challenge level, number of Stars earned, Premium days and Tankoins.

Your Garage Gear Score is readily visible. The same goes for your Supplies inventory and stats for your currently-installed equipment. You can see everything at a glance, including your Upgrade level. The new HTML5 version has fixed that issue. Sound effects are an important part of the game. This section is now more informative. You can see how many in-game friends you have, and how many of them are online.

HTML5 VS FLASH Graphics - TANKI ONLINE HTML5 CLIENT - танки онлайн html5 VS Flash - AV Gamers

You can even search for a specific friend in your list! Dreams come true! Now, you can sort the battle list by mode, name, number of players, duration and even score. This makes it easier to find specific format battles, or long flag battles.

And even here, you can search by name. The radar shows you the locations of your teammates and opponents within a radius of 60 meters, and their elevation in relation to your position. This update will bring important changes to the camera movement. When we created the game, there was no mouse camera control mode. This was added much later. But there were some complications.

We tried using the same mechanics as the keyboard, which includes inertia. With the next release, camera mechanics will be different for keyboard and mouse modes. So camera movement should be just as you expect it, depending on what mode you play in. Jump into the new HTML5 version nowand make sure you check out the improved camera controls tomorrow. All rights reserved. Customer support: help tankionline. Players online: 0.

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